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Taking stock: Random Ramsdom, 10/6

Links on a Wednesday's a beautiful thing.

Could the St. Louis Rams be interested in Randy Moss? Not a chance. They made their big wide receiver trade this year nabbing Mark Clayton, whose among the leaders in receptions, yards and catches of 25 yards or more. Not to shabby for a late round pick swap. The Rams, quietly, have a solid receiving duo with Clayton and Danny Amendola

Yes, they lack that elite guy and they'd be wise to target one of those #1 types in the offseason. But, for now, they have a solid group of receivers that should get better once TE Michael Hoomanawanui returns and rookie TE Fendi Onobun and WR Mardy Gilyard get up to speed in the offense. 

Seattle now has Marshawn Lynch, but the Rams have Steven Jackson

Man, two wins doesn't get you enough respect...the Rams still get Pitts and Lynch in the broadcast booth for this week's game.