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CFB watch list for week 6 / 2011 NFL Draft open thread

First off, here's my watch list for this week. I figured since I got it done so early, I'd throw it out with an open thread, especially since there's college football on a Tuesday - yes, the Sun Belt is that desperate.

The game tonight is between Troy and Middle Tennessee St. on ESPN2 in a half hour. And while most of you might not give half a Swedish crap about Sun Belt football, this is one of the few chances you'll get to see a legitimate NFL prospect, and one that could find his way onto the Rams' roster: Troy WR Jerrel Jernigan. Jernigan's small (5'9", 190 lbs.), but he could also be the fastest senior in college football; for those of you who wonder if that's too small for a burner WR, bear in mind DeSean Jackson is barely taller, and weighs less. Russ Lande at Sporting News just mocked him at the bottom of the first to the Bears. Most draftniks, myself included, would probably suggest that's a bit wacky at this point, but not entirely out of the ballpark. If the front office is intent on finding someone to stretch the field out for Sam, and they don't think Donnie Avery fits the bill any longer, Jernigan immediately becomes a candidate.

A couple other random notes:

- I'm eager to see Nebraska play more challenging opponents, starting with the Thursday night clash against Kansas St. If you're trying to really evaluate top prospects like CB Prince Amukamara, DT Jared Crick and WR Niles Paul, it's a bit unrealistic to put much stock into their performances against Western Kentucky, Idaho and South Dakota St. Their next four, however, are Kansas St., Texas, Oklahoma St. (overrated) and Missouri. Those are much better games for NFL prospecting.

- Unless you're a fan of either team, really like watching Big Ten football or have the draft flu, I don't know why you'd be very interested in Penn St. v. Illinois on Saturday. If, however, you fall into the third category and you haven't seen Illini RB Mikel Leshoure yet, you should flip on ESPN2 to start your college football day for at least a couple Illinois running plays. Big Dirty can play.

- The Kentucky-Auburn game is of specific interest to me as a draft-evaluating Rams fan, because I want to check out Kentucky RB Derrick Locke. I noted above that Troy WR Jerrel Jernigan could be the fastest senior in college. If he's not, then it's probably Locke. For those of you looking for a change-of-pace back to pair with Steven Jackson, Locke seems like a prime candidate who could be had in the middle rounds of the draft.

- And just for fun, I threw Nevada-San Jose St. in at the end. I'm not really high on anyone in the game for the Rams, but if Vernon Gholston and Aaron Curry had followings, Nevada OLB Dontay Moch is sure to create a clique on TST as well. He might be the fastest big man I've ever seen for straight-line speed. Mocking Dan at MTD did the work and verified with Moch that he had run a 4.19 40-yard dash. I say again, 4.19. Titans RB Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 at the combine. If Moch, who is 6'1" and 245 lbs., comes anywhere close, Nevada has its first big prospect since, uh, maybe Marion Motley, and that took research. And yes, the Mach-3 jokes have already been made, and yes, you're going to make them anyway.

What else are you TST draftniks thinking about? Holler.