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NFL Power Rankings: Rams movin' on up

Dance around the power rankings oh ye linebackers in your youth!
Dance around the power rankings oh ye linebackers in your youth!

You know times are a changin' when the NFL power rankings are released and do not include snarky remarks about the St. Louis Rams. The laughing stock days are over, folks. 

Two straight wins and the Sam Bradford-led Rams are reaching dizzying new heights in the NFL power rankings...the upper 20s. Let's review.

Over at the SBN mothership, the Rams jumped from 28th to 21st. Here's their take:

All of a sudden, saying the words "Rams" and "playoffs" in the sentence aren't so crazy. We're only four games into the season but there's no doubt the Rams are in the NFC West picture at this point. Sam Bradford's having a nice start to his NFL career.

Here's how the rest of the NFC West stacks up in the SBN rankings: 49ers, #28; Cardinals, #25; Seahawks, #24 also has their NFL power rankings out for the week. Here's how it breaks down for the Rams:

Gil Brandt, #20
Pat Kirwan, #23
Steve Wyche, #24
Vic Carucci, #22
Jason La Canfora, #21
Bucky Brooks, #23

Additional power rankings will be out as the day goes on, so stay tuned. We'll update as we have that info.

Where should the Rams be ranked?

(Update 1, from 3k) ESPN moved us up three spots to #24.  Sando's blurb concentrated on Sam's successes on third downs.