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St. Louis Rams Vs. Detroit Lions: Early Preview

The St. Louis Ramsare 2-2, the Rams have to be one of the surprise teams in the NFL thus far. The Rams are much improved this season, on all phases of the ball. I would be lieing if I said I thought that the Rams would improve this much so soon. The Rams could be 3-1, and running away with the division by now(I don't get the we could be 4-0 talk but oh well). Sam Bradford has been showing why many say he is the best QB to come out of the draft in recent years.

Then on the other side of the fence there is the Detroit Lions. It must be kind of hard to be a Lions fan right now. The Lions are playing the best football they have in along time. They have been doing all this without their franchise QB Matthew Stafford who is once again injured. Shaun Hill has been impressive thus far, and led the Lions to three lose games against really good teams.

Recent Background:These two team's have been horrible for the last few years. These two teams have been very consistent in playing for top 5 picks. It should come to no surprise that these two teams have been compared to each other, for a couple years now. Both of these teams have recently drafted franchise quarterbacks and are still rebuilding. Also the Rams were debating on drafting Suh, but ended up with Bradford instead.

Recent History: The Rams defeated the Lions last season, which ended up being the Rams only win in 2009. It's lucky for the Rams that Calvin Johnsonwas injured and didn't play in the game. The Lions didn't know that Josh Brown was Peyton Manning's third cousin,twice removed, and he was practicing that throw since he has been in the league. The Rams would escape with the victory 17-10.

Tevin's take on the game: The Lions have been playing great football, and hasn't been out of any game until it was offically over well besides the Vikings game. The Rams also have been playing great football. I think that this game will be closer than anyone expects, and that it could come down to a field goal or late touchdown. The Rams have to win this game however, we can't try to win the division if we can't beat a team that we are supposed to beat. I would be surprised if the Rams don't win this game.

Rams Fake FG-Kicker Josh Brown throws 54 yard Touchdown pass NFL Week 8