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Random Ramsdom: 10/4/2010

Welcome to the Jungle.
Welcome to the Jungle.

It's been a very long time since the Rams won two games in a row (it's been a while since the Rams won two games period). But it's a quarter of the way through the season, and I don't things could have gone much better. The team has really hit a groove, and it's going to be very fun to watch this team continue to play hard. Hopefully, the pundits will finally watch a game and stop making idiotic analysis. But more on that later..

First from the Dispatch: Jim Thomas talks about the Rams win, and about the growth of this team as a whole. Let the 'gellin' continue.

Bill Coats has his report card for the team. The Defensive Line and Coaching received the highest marks, with most of the team not far behind.

Bernie thinks this Rams team has shown the ability to fight back. True, but yesterday, they kept the game under command for so long that they really didn't have to fight back from anything.

Jeff at Ramsgab shares his recap of the Hawks game.

Will at Ramsherd takes a look at how the pass set up the run last week.

Mike Florio shows just how little he's watched of the Rams. They can't really stay at .500. Can they!? (you'll understand the !? if you read the Rams blurb.)

The Rams made the front page of the NFL side of ESPN. Let's all thank Sando for being a columnist who actually watches the Rams. Thank's Sando.

ESPN Recaps the Rams win with a video. Even though they say upset. But weren't the Rams favored by a few points?


That's all for today. Enjoy being tied at the top!