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Game thread, week 8: St. Louis Rams vs Carolina Panthers

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It's an up and down season for the St. Louis Rams. Over the last two weeks, the team is 1-1, but both games featured a flat second half.

Despite being winless on the road, the Rams have played pretty tough at home, beating the odds against Washington, Seattle and San Diego. This week a 1-5 Carolina Panthers team comes to town. Don't let the record fool you; the Panthers can be a dangerous team with a solid defense and a what might be signs of life in their offense.

Something you'll notice about the Panthers offense: they have legitimate wide receivers, something the Rams have been dreaming about since Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt left town. That fact alone makes them dangerous, especially with the Rams secondary dealing with injuries this week.

Speaking of injuries, the Rams have some big ones this week, most notably RT Jason Smith.

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As Bernie Miklasz pointed out this morning, there's a lot these young Rams could learn from Isaac Bruce, starting with how to overcome adversity. Losing on the day the team honors Bruce is not an option.

Go Rams!