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Fantasy Football 2010: Waiver wire move of the week, Chris Cooley

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The action is underway in the Turf Show Times fantasy league.

Bye weeks and injuries have made roster management difficult of late, and more and more players are turning to the waiver wire.

Personally, playing the waiver wire is my favorite part of fantasy football. Not only does it help fill a long afternoon at work, it keeps a good fantasy GM on his toes, paying attention to what's going on in the rest of the league. 

This week's waiver wire move: Pete, our own VT, leading Team 7 added Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley, dumping Colts WR Austin Collie, who is out this week. 

Teams were ready to pull the trigger on Cooley after he suffered a concussion against the Colts in week 6. Then he came back last week, in that Keystone Cops caper against the Bears, and caught seven passes, matching his season high. This week, Washington is in Detroit, a place Rams fans remember all too well, and looking to score a touchdown. 

It's not the easiest matchup for a tight end, but Cooley is a solid TE play through the rest of the season. And in a league that feature's a flex spot for either a TE-WR-RB, he's a good guy to have on your roster is you have the space. 

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