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Rams can make the NFC West interesting with a win: Random Ramsdom, 10/3

The Rams can put themselves in the conversation for the NFC West with a win over Seattle today.
The Rams can put themselves in the conversation for the NFC West with a win over Seattle today.

Game day. And it's a big one this week, as Tevin pointed out in his post earlier today. The St. Louis Rams face a Seattle team that has been one of the league's early surprises, thumping the once favored 49ers to open the season and beating San Diego last week on two return touch downs. 

Lots of news and links to discuss. Let's jump right in. 

This week has been focused on beating a Seattle team that has won 10 straight games against the Rams.

How is the NFC West picture shaping up? You know the drill, after the jump...

A win today could make the NFC West a wide open race at teams pass the quarter mark of the season. The Cardinals play at San Diego and San Francisco plays at Atlanta, long odds for each team, and the day could end with the Rams tied with Seattle and Arizona for the best record in the division at 2-2 apiece. 

First, they have to win today. Lose to Seattle and they have a 3-1 record and what could be a considered a commanding lead...for the NFC West.

Rams defensive coordinator Ken Flajole is focused on Seattle TE John Carlson. In last year's disasterous season opener Carlson 6 catches for 95 yards and 2 TDs. In the second game between the two teams, week 11, last year Carlson had just 2 catches for 14 yards. Young James Laurinaitis will get a heavy dose of Carlson this week. He's improved in coverage, so this should be a good battle to watch. 

Everyone knows that Sam Bradford is the main man today. Rams Herd breaks down how Bradford's arm and Shurmur's playbook helped soften up the Redskins for a Kenneth Darby TD run that put the game away.

Thanks to Sam Bradford, Oklahoma gets to watch the Rams play today.