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The Rams Vs. Seahawks: The Most Important Game Of The Sam Bradford Era

Hello everyone, I know it's been a long time since I posted anything. I was just about to go to sleep and get ready for the 12:00 showdown with the Seahawks, and even though I'm really tired I just had to make a new article. I won't hide this from anyone, even though the 49ers, and Cardinalsare also our rivals I really hate the Seahawks.

Last week everyone was saying that the Rams most important game was against the Redskins. Even though it was a big game, it doesn't compare to how big today's game is. If Sam Bradford is the QB that we think he is then it would be encouraging to see him pull out a great victory. However it could be a tall task for the Rams rookie quarterback.

 This season I wasn't expecting the Rams to be good (8-9 wins) and even though it would be great if they were, I just wanted to see how Sam Bradford would play this season. I have been impressed by him so far, especially how different our offense look compared to last years. I'm sure his positive play will carry over if he gets the talent around him next season. After the jump, we will discuss the importance of this game for Sam Bradford and his Rams.

1. This could be Sam Bradford's first game without Steven Jackson starting.

Right now Jackson is a game time decision. If he doesn't play than that could put Bradford in a strange position. In the preseason he seemed to play better with Jackson in the lineup, because this gave defenses something to fear so they stayed close to the line. If Sam Bradford didn't play well against the Redskins I would be extremely worried. I think that the health of Steven Jackson will be the key to the game. I really don't like the Rams chances without Jackson, but if it was me I would sit him either this game or the next.

2. The Seahawks will prepare to stop Bradford.

I'm pretty sure the Seahawks have studyed plenty of film on the Rams and Redskins game. If Steven Jackson doesn't play in this game then it will be up to Bradford to stop them, however Bradford has never been game-planned against. I expect the Seahawks to dial up every blitz they can to try and unnerve Bradford. Now if Jackson is in the backfield, after a couple runs they would take some of their focus off of Bradford. However the reason that this game is so important is because Bradford won't be able to surprise them, and the Seahawks have respect for the young QB

3. This is offically Sam Bradford's team

I never thought that I would say that the Rams are Sam's team week 4 of the regular season, but that is the way it looks like to me. Although it would be nice to have Sam an extra weapon at wide receiver, he has been playing great for a rookie who doesn't have the stars that some of the other QBs have. Also we scored a passing  touchdown in every game that we played this season. Maybe it's just me, but when Bradford made his first ckeckdown against Washington I had a feeling the Rams are Bradford's team. 

4. This could change the direction of the Rams organization.

I don't think I have to tell anyone how important this win would be. Let me just put everything in perspective for you. This would be the Rams first time beating the Seahawks in 10 games, Our first division win since 2006 or 07 It's been so long that I forgot, and then most importantly it would be the first division win of the Bradford era. I believe the Rams would be second place in the division, even if the Cardinals lose this week. I think it's too early to think about playoff's like a few people are thinking, let's just focus on the games one at a time.

With all that out the way I think it's time for me to get my sleep, so I can wake up at 11:30 and prepare for this great showdown.