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Danario Alexander out 2-4 weeks; St. Louis Rams hexed with WR injuries

And so the receiver starved St. Louis Rams have one less receiver, not quite three weeks since losing Mark Clayton and two months since Donnie Avery's season ended before it began, the Rams have lost WR Danario Alexander

Practice went poorly for the former Mizzou Tiger today; he landed on his knee wrong and hobbled off the field. Now, he's going to have his knee scoped to clean out cartilage damage. As far as surgeries go, it's not exactly a brain transplant, but it is DX's fifth surgery on his left knee. Right now, the prognosis is that he'll be back in 2-4 weeks. 

Let's hope. An optimist would point out that he'd be ready to go not long after the bye week. A realist, like me, would err on the lengthier side of the estimate. 

Mardy Gilyard does return this week, and will have even more pressure on him to perform now. Brandon Gibson has responded well, and Laurent Robins needs to step up. Danny Amendola is doing all he can, and can't be effective when he's the only guy teams have to worry about. Big opportunities for the Rams tight ends as well...and the most unique, raw weapon the Rams have right now, Fendi Onobun, is out with a sore back.

Wide receiver was a question mark for the Rams before the season. And the depth guys are now being thrust into prime time roles. As much as they need talent, the Rams also need guys with a track record of health at the receiver position. Even in his limited role, Alexander's injury exposes the Rams at this position. 

Adding more insult to whole thing, practice squad WR Brandon McRae has a fractured fibula. He was replaced on the practice squad with WR Greg Matthews. 

Maybe an 18 game season wouldn't be all bad. Every team's roster would end up looking like the Rams'. 

I realize these guys work have to work hard, but lots of practice injuries and things like hamstring injuries happening, even to guys that don't see the field much.