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St. Louis Rams offensive line gets heft with John Greco

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In an effort to beef up their run blocking, the St. Louis Rams started using the 329-lbs John Greco as part of a rotation with Adam Goldberg at right guard in the second half against Washington. Missing Steven Jackson, Greco helped open lanes for backup RB Kenneth Darby against a stout Washington defensive front. In the weeks after the Rams continued the trend. And it's been paying off. 

Last week, against Tampa Bay, Greco had more playing time at RG than Adam Goldberg for the first time this season. Observers took note. Here's what Nathan at Pro Football Focus had to say about Greco last week:

These past few weeks, Adam Goldberg (+0.1) and John Greco (+3.1) have been splitting time at right guard. Although Goldberg had his best game in weeks, this was the first time that Greco got to see more time than Goldberg — and he showed that he should be the starter. Greco had a great game in run blocking and allowed no pressure at all. He is graded as our No. 4 overall guard despite just 153 snaps — he needs to get more playing time.

If Jason Smith can't play this week, Greco should have the RG spot all to himself  with Goldberg sliding over to Smith's RT spot. Even if that doesn't happen, and we hope it doesn't, Greco could see plenty of action against a Carolina defensive line that has been stingier than any other team on allowing rushing yards up the middle. Their 3.00 adjusted line yards at the middle/guard spot is the best in the NFL