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St. Louis Rams could be without two key linemen this week

The St. Louis Rams have an injury situation to keep an eye on: DT Fred Robbins

Robbins has been one of the most important offseason additions. With him the front four has been a much more aggressive unit in the pass rush and far more effective against the run than they have been in recent years. Robbins injured his foot and left the game in the first quarter last week. He has yet to practice this week. 

When I asked Brian Stull of ESPN 101 about Robbins' status, this was his reply (via Twitter):

@TurfShowTimes Hasn't practiced so far this week, not sure if Robbins will be a go or not at this point.

On the other line, Jason Smith suffered a hit to the head yesterday in practice, he'll be monitored. If he is able to practice today, it'll be a good sign. If he can't go this week, the Rams will most likely slide Adam Goldberg to RT and use John Greco at RG for the entire game.

Potential Impact

Carolina's offensive line is one of the worst units in the league, both against the rush and as run blockers. If the Rams have to be without Robbins, this is the week to do it. Of course, LaGarrett Blount was a problem last week against Tampa Bay without Robbins, so it's not a given.

Goldberg is a suitable replacement at RT. He's better as a pass blocker than a run blocker, so that's a little bit of a concern since Carolina has a pretty effective defense. But they don't have a great pass rush, with just 9 sacks on the season.