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Captain of the Tailgate: Sausage

  So yes, another sponsored series, this one sponsored by the Captain himself.  For the next five Fridays, we'll look at what makes one a captain of the tailgate.  First up, my favorite ingredient to a good tailgate: salchicha, or in TST-speak, sausage.

  Coming from a Louisiana-based family, sausage is treated with the utmost importance, whether it be andouille, boudin, or the nose-curdling blood sausage.  But those are rarities on game day, unless you're tailgating for an LSU game.  Instead, most people, myself included, opt for the brat.

  The bratwurst, not surprisingly, is of German origin.  Having been stationed in Germany, I've been able to facially trace the origins of the American brat back to its roots.  And yes, when I bite into a Nuernberger or Kulmbacher, I certainly appreciate the heritage (random note of personal experience: I had authentic Nuernberger's at the Nuremberg Christmas Market.  A+ experience all around.):

N_c3_bcrnberger_rostbratw_c3_bcrste_medium via

  But the modern American brat is something of its own, having graced sport stadiums since the 1950s.

  I must admit, I enjoy Johnsonville's beer brats, but I'm always open to substitutions.  Before I end this piece, I must remind you this series is courtesy of the Cap'n, himself.  No, not Crunch, Morgan.  And if you're not entirely sold on Captain Morgan despite their enjoyable "Calling all Captains" campaign, they're really trying to reach out to you.  I promise:

  So I throw the floor unto you, ye fine gentlemen of the flame.  What's your sausage of choice?  And if you don't enjoy your meats in tubular shapes, what's your meat of choice on game day?  (Refrain from Marisa Miller + sausage jokes, if you please.  If not, oh well.)