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The Rams offensive second half collapse and how it will impact the rest of the season.

Last sunday, the St. Louis Rams were up 17-6 at halftime and looking like they were going to runaway with a win. Until the 2009-2010 Rams showed their ugly heads again. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pulled a rabbit out a hat and came out with a 18-17 victory. It would be easy to blame the defense, I mean they did drop interceptions that would have stopped drives and a few missed tackles that helped extend drives. Our defense isn't the best but limiting a team to 18 points is enough for most teams.

Even though the Bucs did drive the ball down the Rams defense throat a few times, the Rams couldn't sustain a good enough drive to produce a field goal. It is embarrassing when the Bucs have drives consisting of 60,49,81 yard drives, but the Rams longest drive of the second half was 28 yards. So yes it was partly the Rams defense fault, but they at least slowed the Bucs down.

This is the 2nd week in a row where the Rams offense didn't have a good 2nd half,  don't put that much stock into the Chargers game that much because they have a top 5 defense and at best the Rams have a top 25 offense. Losing the heart-breaking game against the Bucs put a lot of things in perspective though.

I won't make excuses for the Rams, they lost a very winnable game. However its the way the Rams lost the game that is concerning. Watching a team put 8-9 players in the box and daring the WRs to beat them reminded me of the Rams 2009-2010 offense. The Rams lacked creativity on offense, and then they just don't have the talent. What happened to the Rams that caught defense off guard by doing screens? It just seems like the Rams are predictable. With all that being said I don't think we should fire Pat Shurmur because he doesn't have the talent on offense.

Speaking on talent Pat Shurmur only has three play-makers on offense right now. Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson, and Danny Amendola are the best players on their side of the ball, However there are problems with this. Sam Bradford is a rookie QB, and even though he has been great he still has his moments where he has his bad plays.  Steven Jackson is a great running back, but he is a bruiser you won't see him run 60+ to the endzone. Then there is Amendola he is the best athlete we have, but he doesn't have blazing speed and teams can pay more attention to him because he runs lots of short routes.

The jury is still out about the rest of the players on offense. The offensive line has been playing better than last season, but they have been up and down a lot. Rodger Saffold has been a great pickup, Jason Brown has been inconsistent but is still the best player on the OL, Jason Smith is a liability right now and maybe was the wrong pick, Jacob Bell has been playing okay, and jury is still out on John Greco and Adam Goldberg who I think is a great backup player.

I alluded to this a little earlier, the biggest thing the Rams are lacking are pass catchers. Last game Steven Jackson led the team with 39!!!! yards, and the week before that it was Denario Alexander and even though he had a big game with four catches 72 yards and a TD, he is still a rookie and if you remember Brandon Gibson had a great game his first time as a Ram. Also the TEs haven't been making plays, they are a QBs best friend (especially a rookie QB) and it seems like the best TE on our roster is Big Mike who is also a rookie.  

The sad thing is unless Brandon Gibson or Denario Alexander can put it all together the Rams offense will continue to struggle in the second half. Sam Bradford is good but he can't throw it to himself, after this game I expect teams to start putting up more 8 man fronts. The Rams need an impact player and not having one is really hurting us. This season would have been different if Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton wasn't lost for the year.