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Random Ramsdom, 10/27: St. Louis Rams prepping for Carolina

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

The St. Louis Rams resume practicing today, prepping for this week's game against the Carolina Panthers and trying to erase the memories of their last minute loss to Tampa Bay. 

With another day passed, the Rams should know more about the status of injured players, particularly CB Ron Bartell, who was dealing with a banged up shoulder. Stay tuned for news on that front. 

Yesterday, former 49ers S Michael Lewis visited Rams Park along with three other defensive backs. No signings yet as Spagnuolo et al were just getting a look at available players should injuries to the defensive backs keep anyone off the field this week.

The Rams have, unofficially, 10 missed interceptions. Many of those balls could have been a difference maker.

Dick Stockton and the #3 Fox crew will be calling the game at the Dome this week.  

Mike Sando looks at the difficultly of the remaining games for the NFC West. The Rams have the third most difficult schedule and play 5 teams above .500. Of course, the teams below .500 have given the Rams the most problems this year. 

Did you know the Rams defense and special teams have actually had a respectable season in fantasy football so far this season?