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Pictures to prove it: Rams start fast, finish slow

Getty Images

It was 90 degrees in Tampa Bay yesterday. That's nothing compared to the heat the St. Louis Rams will be taking for a second half collapse against the Buccaneers.

Throughout the league, few teams have done anything to set themselves apart. Defense seems to be the preferred existential meme for the Rams, but an offense still unsure of itself has been one of the main culprits in keeping this team from becoming something more than inconsistent.

But nobody gets off the hook for this one, not the defenders who missed easy interceptions, the linemen flagged for false starts, receivers buried in coverage and even a sensational rookie QB struggling with accuracy and timing. The Rams bounced back after an ugly loss to Detroit with a win against a favored San Diego team...even then they lacked teeth in the second half. The week ahead hinges on the response; that's the theme for this whole season though, responding to a 1-15 record and seasons in the wilderness.

If you can stomach it, I would encourage you to run through the photos. They really do tell the story quite well. Click the pic above for more.