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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 10/24: Rams Look to "Buc" Road Woes

Good morning. Had your coffee yet? Perhaps you haven't gone to bed yet.. just getting home from some celebratory events.. either way, we have a game today folks!

Yes I'm back in my home office so hopefully you'll be hearing more from VT.. hopefully that will be accetable to you. If not, email Van and piss and moan to him. I'm too busy enjoying this RAMS SEASON to care!  ;-)

Anyhow, on to the links:

  • As usual, Turf Show Radio was a blast... even though Aaron Hooks totally dismantled Danny Amendola.. OK so he didn't tear him apart, but any negativity whatsoever to Danny, and I come out fighting! When Danny makes the HOF i'll email Mr. Hooks (only kidding, I realize he was 100% on point and right.. still luv ya anyway Danny!).
  • I know most of you have already seen this, and Van mentioned it as well earlier in the week, but DAMN.. it seems edpjr always shows up when we need him the most with his usual reality check. Must read!
  • Even though a win is more important to Steven Jackson (and I believe he's not just saying that either!), he only needs 32 yards to be the Rams all-time leading rusher. Direct from the PD, Karney hopes to pave the way.
  • What an accomplishment for Chris Long huh? Criticised not more than a year ago for lackluster play, and whispers of "bust", Long earns Defensive Player of the Week. I'm really happy for him. He worked his arse off and deserved it.
  • Excellent video from NFL Playbook looking at this weeks game against the Bucs.. we actually got some love! However, Sterling Sharpe picked the Bucs because we haven't proved ourselves on the road.. he flashes some disgusting road stats, so you can't disagree with his thought process.. god I hope we can end that talk this week.
  • Here's an article from the Washington Post discussing our issues on the road as well. Can you believe the last time we won 3 home games in a row was 2004? My god! This year has truly been a turn the corner season. Hopefully we can continue to improve.
  • When was the last time we had the LA Times write an article about us? Things are looking better folks.. they really are.
That's about it for the links.. On a side note, once again I offer my apologies to one, Mr. Steven Jackson when I said in last weeks game thread, that we, "...need to throw because SJAX can't win the game for us!" that juncture of course (like 3rd and 9).

One minute and two 10+ yard runs later we were in victory formation running out the clock as Philip Rivers roamed the sidelines staring at Bradford kneeling, looking like Nellie Olson staring at Half Pint in a jealous rage. And I looked like a complete moron as usual.



Damn what more can I say about Steven.. like I said in the game thread, just when you think he has given you everything in the tank, he reaches down deep and pulls out even MORE kahonies.

Thank you Mr. Jackson. You are not just a running back in the NFL, you are a personal role model for all of us. Your motto? NEVER give up, keep the legs churning, refuse to lose. Period.