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Pre-TSR college football thread

  Gaah, my bad for getting this up late.  In the coffee-induced haze, I thought I had gotten it up this morning for some reason.  -1 for me.

  Anyway, here's my watch list for todayMichigan St. is battling a 10-point deficit against Northwestern as I write this, so already the status quo going into today is crumbling.  There are some good games coming up in an hour.

  But hey, regardless of what happens on the field, today's episode of Turf Show Radio starts in three and a half hours.  You know the deal.  You can listen at the show page from that last link, you can call in to (818) 495-6910, you can write in to the open thread while the show's going down, and there's a chat room that you can get to from the show page...  Shall I say a bevy of options are available for you to participate?  I shalled.

  What are you watching today?  Any Rams-related thoughts?  Anything for Turf Show Radio?  Holler.