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Turf Show Radio, now with more Aaron Hooks

Yup. On Saturday's episode of Turf Show Radio, Aaron Hooks will be joining us from SB Nation St. Louis to talk about the effect of wins and Sam Bradford on St. Louis and other stuff. So if you've always wanted to call but you don't want to talk to Van or I, this will be as good a time as any.

So hit us up. You don't have to be at a computer, you don't have to be at Turf Show Times, you don't have to go to the show page (although you can listen to the show live at the show page) -- all you have to do is call (818) 495-6910 from 6-7pm ET and yak it up with us.

Besides, it's not like it's going to interrupt any good college football, unless you're like me and you're expecting that during Turf Show Radio, Les Miles will engineer his weekly craziness as LSU comes back from 38 points down to beat Auburn by half of a point in the last 12 second with a field goal while the uprights are on fire and the ball explodes as it goes through. Yes, those are my minimum expectations. Do not disappoint me, Leslie....