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NFL trade rumors: Will the Rams be active at the deadline?

Today is the NFL trade deadline. It's not quite the holiday it is in baseball, but with looming CBA weirdness ahead for 2011 and some teams with high expectations not sitting where they'd like to be, it could be a busier trade deadline than usual. And what about the St. Louis Rams? Unlikely contenders for the NFC West through six weeks, fans and pundits alike are wondering if GM Billy Devaney could swing a deal to solidify the team's roster.

A big move, e.g. something like the Vincent Jackson deal that burned up the interwebs recently, is unlikely for the Rams, who don't have much to trade outside of much needed draft picks. (We looked at Devaney's trading patterns and possibilities last week). A small deal in which they pursue depth or role players at key positions is much more likely for the Rams. 

With the release of RB Chauncey Washington, the Rams have a spot on their roster to play with. Could they have identified a move already?

Some of the expert suggestions floating around out there after the jump.

Brian Galliford with SBN notes that there aren't many receivers out there right now. He does suggest a practice squad player (which wouldn't be a trade) that might be of interest to the Rams: Bears WR and former Oklahoma standout Juaquin Iglesias

Drafted in the third round in 2009, Iglesias profiles as a slot receiver. He's quick and runs good routes and has nice hands, but never really did much to make an impression with the Bears. Familiarity with Sam Bradford aside, he'd be blocked here by Danny Amendola. Which isn't to say he wouldn't be useful.

Iglesias is a guy to watch should the Rams suffer another injury at WR. If they signed him away from the Bears' practice squad, they'd have to stick him on the active roster for at least  three weeks, and could then bump him to the practice squad if need be. 

In the more outlandish moves department, Tiki Barber suggests at Yahoo! Sports that the Rams pursue Browns WR/KR Josh Cribbs. That's not very likely. 

Alright, keep an eye on the wires.