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Rams Recap, The Quick Five: Week 6

I didn't do one of these last week because it was pretty much the lousy 53. But with the win over the Chargers, there were definitely players who went above the rest. 



James Hall, DE

You could say the entire defensive line deserves credit, and they do. Chris Long was great, along with Fred "I must hit the QB" Robbins. But James Hall has been on fire this season, and he's already nearing double digit sacks.


Steven Jackson, RB

He saved the game for the Rams late in the game by powering through defenders for first downs. When the Chargers had just scored quick, the Rams entrusted the game to him and he delivered.


Pat Shurmur, OC

The offense was good in the first half, but they came out of the gates flat in the second. The ultra-conservative style they employed almost cost the team the game because the defense was on the field so much. Against a team like the Chargers, a two possession lead might not be enough to win it, as the Rams almost found out.


Danario Alexander, WR

Leg atrophy? It didn't look like he was very weak, coming right into the game and leading the Rams in receiving. There is a bright future for him if he can stay healthy, but even that has been a challenge for the Rams wideouts of late.


Mardy Gilyard, WR

I'm not gonna slam him, but he should learn the playbook by now. Everyone on the team has learned the playbook. With the Rams wide receiver injury list growing bigger all the time, he really has had an opportunity to step up. Instead, "misunderstandings" have plagued his offensive production.