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Random Ramsdom: 10/18/2010

Sad Face.
Sad Face.

The Rams won, and you know what that means, don't you? The team is once again placed on the "I always told you so" watch of all the sports writers out there. You know, the ones that don't pay any attention to the team and then point out obvious facts. But you aren't here for that. Your here for these fine links:


Sando has his wrap-up of the game. The things he liked, the things he didn't like, and everything in-between.

Bryan Burwell has a piece on Danario Alexander's amazing comeback. I have to be honest, I never expected him to be able to do that much being so green. I just wish he could've gotten a chance without someone getting injured.

Jim Thomas believes Steven Jackson and the O-Line (sounds like an old school band, no?) made the difference in yesterday's game.

Jeff over at Ramsgab has his recap of the game as well. 'Outlast' is Jeff's excellent way to describe the win. Hopefully the Rams outlast-ability won't diminish.

Nick Wagoner over at the official Rams page says the Rams provided answers with their win yesterday.


That's all the links for this morning. Once again, we can enjoy victory. Go Rams!