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NFL Picks, week 6: Dare you take the Rams to cover?

The San Diego Chargers are a nine point favorite over the St. Louis Rams this week, in St. Louis. See what a 44-6 loss to the Lions gets you?

I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd take the Rams to beat the spread. It's not an easy game for the Rams, but the Chargers have yet to win on the road. More importantly, the Rams have to bounce back from an ugly loss or risk a season spiraling out of control...and more heat on the front office and coaching staff.

The Rams under Spagnuolo do have a history of playing better following ugly losses, something we saw all too often last season. After a 35-point shutout at the hands of the 49ers last year, the Rams actually played pretty well the following week against the Vikings last year, despite being grossly overmatched. The offense mustered 400 total yards.

It's a good week for the Rams to bounce back, not an easy task, but no time like the present to get it together.

Van's can't miss picks after the jump.

I'm going to take the Texans over the Chiefs.

Ravens over the Patriots.

Falcons over the Eagles.

Giants over the Lions, but Detroit to cover a 10 point spread.

Bears over the Seahawks.

Dolphins over the Packers.

Steelers over the Browns.

Jets over the Broncos.

Raiders over the 49ers...hehehe.

Vikings over the Cowboys.

Colts over the Redskins.

Titans over the Jaguars.