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NFL Trade Deadline: Schefter's deal that won't happen

Somehow it turned into SEO day at Turf Show Times. Frankly, it has more to do with some quick hitters before knocking your socks off with the good shit rather than a lame attempt to flood Google with crap, like that outfit whose initials are B R. In reality, I'm passing this along because it's interesting, and let's face it, part of our purvey is to feed the armchair GM within us all. 

Don't expect the St. Louis Rams to pull off a shocker prior to Tuesday's NFL trade deadline. Nevertheless, ESPN's Adam Schefter, he who preordained the Sam Bradford draft pick, rolls out five trades that should but won't happen. One of those proposed deals features the Rams. Here's Schefter:

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith to the St. Louis Rams for a second-round pick: The Rams already have lost their top two wide receivers, Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery, to season-ending injuries. Smith would be more than a replacement -- if Carolina were willing to trade him.

Though it's not going to happen, Smith's the classic example of a trade the Rams shouldn't make. That's a second round pick for a 31-year old receiver. Say what you will about the price tag for Vincent Jackson, he's only 27. The Smith scenario might be a whole lot different if the Rams were closer to competing for the whole enchilada, not just a weak division (which I still say they should be competing for and looking for moves that could help with that goal without sacrificing the future).