Robinson, Gibson and Alexander "the Gimp." D-Coordinators are shaking in their boots for sure!

After a few arguments (educated debates) I have decided to fire out another post concerning our WR issues. I guess the thing that burns me the most is all of the talk about not giving up a first or a second round pick to get a WR. I will also try my best to stay away from my own opinion and use statistics only. So here we go. Here is a list of wide receivers drafted in the first round since 2000.


These WR's fall into the window of the learning curve but, Harvin had 60 receptions 690 yrds and 6 touchdowns, Maclin had 56 receptions for 773 and 6 touchdowns, Crabtree had 48 receptions 625 and 2 td's.


No First round WR's


1 Calvin Johnson Lions Georgia Tech (excellent)

1 Tedd Ginn Jr Ohio State (Most likely a bust)

1 Dwayne Bowe LSU (Satrted strong but since then Hasn't shown much at all)

1 Robert Meachem Tennessee (+)

1 Buster Davis LSU (Total bust)

1 Anthony Gonzalez Ohio State (injured more than he is on the field)

1 Santonio Holmes Steelers Ohio State (I think he'll be fine)

1 Braylon Edwards Browns Michigan (rocky start)
1 Troy Williamson Vikings South Carolina (terrible so far)
1 Mike Williams Lions USC (Crappy)
1 Matt Jones Jaguars Arkansas (bad receiver and legal problems)
1 Mark Clayton Ravens Oklahoma (may have had a decent season with us, but a failure for a #1 pick)
1 Roddy White Falcons Alabama-Birmingham (Doing pretty well now)

1 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals Pittsburgh ($)
1 Roy Williams Lions Texas ($)
1 Reggie Williams Jaguars Washington (=) (hasn't done anything)
1 Lee Evans Bills Wisconsin ($)
1 Michael Clayton Buccaneers Louisiana State (=) (good start but that's it)
1 Michael Jenkins Falcons Ohio State (=) (headed towards bust if he doesn't pick it up)
1 Rashaun Woods 49ers Oklahoma State (-)

1 Charles Rogers Lions Michigan State (-)
1 Andre Johnson Texans Miami (FL) (+)
1 Bryant Johnson Cardinals Penn State (-) (bust))

1 Donte Stallworth Saints Tennessee (=)
1 Ashley Lelie Broncos Hawaii (=)
1 Javon Walker Packers Florida State ($)

1 David Terrell Bears Michigan (-)
1 Koren Robinson Seahawks North Carolina State (-) (bust due to how highly he was taken)
1 Rod Gardner Redskins Clemson (-)
1 Santana Moss Jets Miami (FL) (+)
1 Freddie Mitchell Eagles UCLA (-)
1 Reggie Wayne Colts Miami (FL) ($)

1 Peter Warrick Bengals Florida State (-)
1 Plaxico Burress Steelers Michigan State ($)
1 Travis Taylor Ravens Florida (=) (Bust)
1 Sylvester Morris Chiefs Jackson State (-)
1 R. Jay Soward Jaguars USC (-)

I think we can all see that there are far more busts than there are #1's on this list. Hell there are far more busts than there are serviceable wideouts on this list. So, I would like someone to tell me why it would be more intelligent to draft a WR and pay him top dollar over trading the pick for a young WR that has already proven himself to be a high caliber NFL wideout. Here is the only time I am going to use my opinion...Teams that are deep at the position and need help in other areas would love to have a 1st or 2nd round pick for their top WR. Guys like Fitzgerald, Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, Percy Harvin and due to the addition of Moss maybe even Sidney Rice could be expendable. Any player in the NFL is available and we have seen this in the NFL over and over again (yes Carneros trades even happen to a division rival see: Mcnabb). Look at the names over the last ten years, there are only 7 guys out of 38 that I would even want on the team.

It seems simple to me. Take a huge chance in the draft or go for the sure thing at a similar price. Robinson and Gibson have shown they have absolutely no game. Robinson is in his 4th year and I have yet to see anything out of him and Gibson in his second year seems to just fill a roster spot and be happy with it. By the way (off subject) Gibson and Robinson have the same jersey number listed (11) on the "official" Stl Rams website. Even the website doesn't know who they are. What a joke.

I truly think that if we don't pull in at least a serviceable WR by the trade deadline Sam will be the victim. Against Detroit's secondary (one of the worst in the league) these two clowns couldn't get open and Bradford was sent running for his life. It really looked like 09 all over again. 1:30 drives, no td's a QB hitting 3 yard passes unable to find anyone deeper and a defense forced to be on the field for 45 minutes. We are in the hunt for our division and it could be had at 7-9. Let's make this thing happen and at least show the NFL that we are going to be a force very soon if not this season. Go Rams!

Just for kicks here is a list of a few #1's and how productive they were from the start, not 3-4 years later (for those of you who think we should just sit back and watch our team dissolve). If you have a good player you know it from the start.

Larry Fitzgerald- 1st year 780 and 8 td's 2nd 1,409 and 10 td's

M. Colston- 1st year 1,038 and 8 td's 2nd 1,202 and 11 td's

B Marshall- 1st year 309 and 2 td's 2nd 1,325 7td's

A Johnson- 1st year 976 and 4 td's 2nd 1,142 7 td's

R Moss- 1st year 1,313 and 17 td's 2nd 1,413 and 11 td's

Desean Jackson 1st year 912 and 2 td's 2nd 1,156 and 9 td's