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Turf Show Radio this weekend, and other thoughts

  I'm just gonna dump a bunch of things off the dome.  Yes, you may call it a TST freestyle.

 - If it's a late Saturday afternoon, it's another episode of Turf Show Radio.  As usual, we go live at 6pm ET.  You can listen in live by going to the show page in the aforementioned link, and you can call in to the show at what appears to be our usual call-in number: (818) 495-6910.  Will from Ramsherd, home of the best Rams-related infographics, will join us this week to yak it up.  And of course, we'll have a thread up in case you have a, let's say, odd voice.  However, I encourage everyone to call in...unless this is you:

  Not everyone has a radio voice

 - I've finished my weekly watchlist, and I'll have it out tomorrow along with an NFL Draft thread to talk any and all things draft-related.  There sure as hell is plenty to discuss.  I hope all the draftheads out there jump in; and if you have posted anything draft-related in the last month, that includes you.  Welcome to the club.  My name is 3k, and I am a draftaholic.

 - And lastly, just a random note on the site.  I'm really enjoying where this site is going as a community.  Sure, we don't agree as a whole on very much (just to piss some of you off, I'm still behind the onsides kick to start last weekend's game), but that doesn't bother me.  What I do appreciate is that more and more people are making cogent, well-elucidated opinions more often.  It's like the first sip of a delicious brown liquor on a weekend afternoon.  Good stuff.  And sure, the decorum goes out of whack when you get pounded.  That happens on every site, but I think TST does a great job at putting the pieces back together by Tuesday.  Besides, how long has this generation of TSTers really been around?  Not even a full year.  It's an NFL rookie - by year 3, this place should make the all-SBNation team.