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Rams look to Alexander to round out receivers; will he have an impact?

Is Danario Alexander ready to contribute for the St. Louis Rams? The Mizzou product told the press today after practice that he knows the playbook and expects to play on Sunday. Is Alexander the answer for a Rams team that lost Mark Clayton for the season last week? 

Predictions for Alexander and parsing some other roster news after the jump.

Alexander could be the speed the Rams now lack in among their receivers. A big kid who takes long strides, he could play a role on deep throws behind a defense.

As for this Sunday, that might be just a little premature. The Rams have been slow bringing other receivers into the offense, witness Mardy Gilyard, and I'd be surprised if Alexander saw much action. Still, I think he could be useful in certain roles, especially if the Rams dial up a decent amount of 4 WR sets. Don't expect to hear his name on the PA too much this week though.

Two players that are likely to figure into the offensive game plan are TEs Michael Hoomanawanui and Billy BajemaBoth players practiced today, going through almost the entire spectrum of activities. San Diego plays a pretty tough defense, but they've been susceptible to tight ends and running backs catching the ball. It will take a well-rounded offensive attack for the Rams to put up points.

Jacob Bell may or may not have a concussion, but he didn't practice much today, no contact for the left guard. Spagnuolo said he was optimistic that Bell will play this week. 

I jumped the gun earlier today when I said that Chris Chamberlain would be back to help out on ST this week. He won't.