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Rams carrying just five receivers on the roster, two rookies

The St. Louis Rams officially signed Danario Alexander to the active roster today. The move gives them five receivers on the 53-man roster. That seems awfully thin, considering one of the active receivers, Laurent Robinson, has been particularly injury prone.

Any notion of the Rams re-entering the fray for Vincent Jackson has also been buried, a thousand times with latest coming from's Steve Wyche

Danny Amendola, Mardy Gilyard, Brandon Gibson, Robinson and Alexander comprise the Rams receiving unit. More worrisome is that it's still unknown just how much Alexander can play, having dealt with atrophy in leg muscles following surgery. I said earlier today that it's unlikely they'll can count on him for much at this point. 

Are those five guys enough? It's certainly makes you wonder. A young team like the Rams has something of a duty to develop their talent. Guys like Mardy Gilyard need to become contributing players for this team in the years ahead, so that they don't continually find themselves starved for help at an essential position. 

They also added WR Brandon McRae to the practice squad today. McRae spent training camp and the preseason with the Rams, showing some potential, and should know the offense should they need him to replace one of the active receivers. And I'll be the pessimist, but I suspect Clayton won't be the last WR injury for the Rams, hopefully the others won't be as serious.