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Rams set to free Fendi

I think this says it all, from Rams TE Fendi Onobun:

About to go Hawk huntin anybody wanna join??!

Fans in the metro area who want to watch the game from the comfort of their own home will now be able to, thanks to the St. Louis Rams getting around the blackout restrictions with a little help from corporate partners. 

More Rams news and lots of fun facts after the jump...

Speaking of Onobun, he could do himself some favors with a nice game this week. Pressed into action last week, the former D-I hoops player caught 2 passes on 4 targets for 15 total yards. Seattle's defense is allowing an average of 10.8 passes per game to tight ends, with an average yardage of 73.3 per game.

Much of that has to do with the 7 catch, 109 yard, 1 TD performance of another college basketball player turned tight end, Antonio Gates, in week 3, who was targeted 14 times. In their week 1 thumping of the 49ers, Vernon Davis caught 8 passes for 73 yards on 12 balls thrown his way. 

Daniel Fells might be the tight end to keep an eye on this week. He's off to a good start this season, albeit under the radar, with a 73 percent catch rate and an 11.1 percent DVOA. That doesn't quite compare to Gates (60+ percent), but it is a better number that Chris Cooley and Vernon Davis. Fells' one-handed catch and his TD have put him on the Rams highlight reel through three games. He and Onobun could be important players in the offense this week.

Speaking of targets, Mark Clayton can't be criticized for his hands last week. He caught 5 of 6 passes thrown his way against Washington for a total of 85 yards. His catch rate on the season is 63 percent. Not bad for a guy who didn't practice with the Rams during the preseason.

Danny Amendola's hands deserve praise too. He caught 6 of 7 passes last week, and he has a 70 percent catch rate on the season. Once again, he'll be an essential part of the offense this week.

Brandon Gibson caught 3 of 8 passes last week. Gibson has some real ability to pick up yards after the catch, so let's hope he can get it together as the Rams move forward. Last year he had a 49 percent catch rate. 

WAS WR Santana Moss was fined $5,000 for his crackback block on Atogwe last week. Golston did not get fined for his attempt to pull off Steven Jackson's leg. 

The Rams passed the ball 6 times last week out of a 4 WR formation, the only occasions they've passed out of that grouping this season. It shows what a difference it made when the coaches opened up the playbook and let Bradford make calls in the huddle and at the line. The rookie completed 5 of those 6 attempts. I think the offense got smarter in the second half, perhaps because they couldn't rely on Jackson since he was out with a groin injury. Let's hope that continues this week, with or without Jackson. We have QB now, let's use him. 

Last but not least, we haven't mentioned the offensive line in at least 12 hours. Here's Football Outsiders' Doug Farrar on RT Jason Smith:

Consensus in talking with a few Seahawks defenders - Rams RT Jason Smith looks much better than last year, which reflects on overall line.

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