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Random Ramsdom, 1/9: Bulger coming back?

It's a playoff Saturday...another playoffs without the St. Louis Rams. There's still plenty of Rams news to discuss, so let's jump in.

Bulger coming back?
Bulger's agent says he wants to come back. What else would an agent say?

Rams punter had busy year
Donnie Jones kicked 90 punts this season. If for nothing else, the offense has to improve next year to save the man's golden leg.

Rams special teams picked up the slack
The Rams had a pretty good season from their special teams, thanks to a consistent returner in Danny Amendola and key contributors like Chris Chamberlain.

Pete Carroll to the Seahawks???
We have lots of USC fans at TST. I want to hear your thoughts on the Carroll to Seattle talk.

Updated NFL Draft declaration list
Who needs a degree when you can get a rookie contract?

National title draft stock up/stock down
I'm starting to like 'Bama CB Javier Arenas. MTC pegs him as a third rounder, and the Rams have had pretty good luck with third round CBs.