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Suh Sweepstakes: A Quick Look at the April Shenanigans to Come

For all intents and purposes, the Rams are looking down the barrel of a gun at a massive defensive tackle, one Ndamukong Suh, the consensus #1 pick of the draft. He's been widely thought to be the best draft prospect of 2010, and one of the best in a long time. It's hard to argue against; when do you remember a defensive tackle notching an astonishing 161 tackles, 19.5 sacks and 34 QB hurries in a mere 27 games?

But there are two things that everyone seems to be ignoring:

1) He will most likely be rewarded an absolutely MONSTER contract- it wouldn't be shocking if he got near 50 million dollars guaranteed before he even played for the NFL. Rookie Salary arguments aside, that's a huge paycheck for the current owners, who I might remind you are trying to sell the team. This, obviously, is something they will not like. New owners will most likely not want to pick up a 120 million+ tab for a team that has won just 6 games in the last three years. There is no doubt he's the best pick, but will this huge financial cost be worth it? It most likely will severely limit the Rams spending in FA, unless they can find new ways to save. Their may be no cap, but that doesn't mean the Rams automatically have blank check.

2) You can guarantee that other teams will want Suh. This provides a unique opportunity for the Rams. They've had chances to trade down before, but some team may be desperate enough to land Suh that they will give a offer to good for the Rams to refuse. Would it be worth it? Would the Rams be able to utilize those picks, or would they become an Adam Carriker? It's tough to say, but the most NFL ready prospect appears to be Suh. Giving up the chance to draft him, even in a supposedly "deep" draft, could be costly in team development.

Would you trust the Rams brain trust if they traded down? Would you be more inclined to ask for players or would you want draft picks instead? Would it be worth it to grab a Brandon Marshall and a first round pick? a Richard Seymour and a 1st rounder? Sound off in the poll.