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Rams all-decade team: strong safety

We're moving along now in naming the St. Louis Rams all-decade team. None too soon either with the decade over now just five days.

This evening we're picking the strong safety of the decade, though I think this should be a fairly easy one. More than immortalizing a long-forgotten McDonalds sandwich, Arch Deluxe played a pivotal role on the Rams defense, working in Lovie Smith's cover two. He would switch to LB some and played a mean game on special teams. I think he always got kind of a raw deal in Washington, with his contract making him a natural scapegoat for the always troubled team. Then again, his skills were really declining as his stint with the Bears in 2008 revealed.

Chavous, another corner turned safety, was just too far past his prime by the time the Rams signed him. Not only had he lost a step, it was painful watching him try to make tackles some times. Still, he's a class act, and I can't believe nobody has hired him as a scout yet...or maybe someone has and we just haven't heard.

James Butler was a good acquisition by the new regime at Rams Park. Paired with MLB James Laurinaitis, it gives the Rams a solid middle to their defense.

Alright, vote.