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Rams all-decade team: free safety

We continue with the St. Louis Rams all-decade team, today jumping into the safety spot. The Rams have had some pretty memorable players with notable stints in St. Louis at safety, both free and strong, and I think the voting will be tougher than some of the other spots on the roster.

We'll pick the free and strong safeties today, the corners tomorrow and wrap up the all-decade defense before turning to the offense.

Cornerback Aeneas Williams, always one of my favorites, joined the Rams prior to the 2001 season, playing corner for two seasons before switching to free safety for two seasons, not uncommon for an older but skilled cornerback.

Remember Mike Furrey? He had a nice season as a FS in 2005, grabbing 4 INTs and 1 TD, before reuniting with Mike Martz in Detroit and returning to his WR role.

Alright, make your voice heard.