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Random Ramsdom, 1/5: End of season injury update

Members of the St. Louis Rams cleaned out their lockers yesterday, wrapping up a tough season. Losses or not, it was still hard for the players to call it a year. Fans on the other hand are quite excited about the offseason that features a first overall pick in the draft and much needed retooling.


More items of interest for you on a blustery Tuesday, or a lovely Tuesday for our SoCal contingent. 

For head coach Steve Spagnuolo, the turnaround began this year with a solid foundation laid down for the 2010 season and beyond.

The official Rams site has a rundown of the injury situations for the Rams.

  • Donnie Avery suffered a concussion against the 49ers this week. Here's one huge red flag for the Rams group of WRs, they have a long injury history for such young careers. 2009 saw the second trip to IR for Laurent Robinson's career. Keenan Burton missed time last year because of injury, and Donnie Avery missed most of the preseason because of a foot injury.
  • OG Roger Allen had an MRI on his knee yesterday. Results have not yet been made available. 
  • OG Jacob Bell had a surprise injury on his thumb that required surgery. He should be cleared from that and his hamstring injury in plenty of time for offseason programs.
  • Setterstrom had his torn triceps fixed and should be able to go by the training camp...if the team hangs onto him.
  • Adam Carriker is recovering nicely, has started lifting weights and should be a-ok for spring workouts that begin in March. 
  • Spagnuolo and the team's leadership will examine the injury outbreak that hit the team this year, from looking at playing surfaces, training, etc. This should be done as thoroughly as the team will evaluate talent for the draft, because this is four seasons in a row for the Rams to have a freakish number of injuries.

Future Hall of Fame OT Orlando Pace may be out in Chicago. He was benched down the stretch and his hefty contract may not be in the cards for the Bears.