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Your Toronto Rams

Could the St. Louis Rams be heading for the great white north, eh? Apparently one of the three bidders in the mix for the team is a Toronto-based outfit. Don't start packing your long underwear just yet, it's a big leap from here to Toronto. Miklasz, the columnist reporting this, has a tendency to over-dramatize situations as well, since that's the stuff that sell newspapers. Of course, that doesn't mean if a Toronto-connected buyer were to swoop in that the Rams would be headed there. I'd be interested to see what the read NFL's read on the market there is. Baseball hasn't fared so well north of the border, and an NFL team would require a lot more butts in the seats than the CFL. 

Where Bernie is right on the money is that if you're wanting the Rams to stay under the arch, you probably ought to be pulling for Checketts. But there's another reason you should be pulling for Checketts: he's been a committed and by all accounts damn good owner for the Blues, the city's always threatened hockey team. 

One other factor that weighs into the forumla is that nothing happens without the blessing of Stan Kroenke. The third bidder for the Rams is reportedly a Chicago-based party, but that's not confirmed. The most logical leap, for now, about the prospects of a Chicago connection buying the Rams is that at least they move them to Chicago, but they may be more inclined to find greener pastures - LA? - or stay close to their team which would just be a few hours down the interstate. 

Personally, I'd like to see the Rams stay in St. Louis. This is my city. My family's been here since before it was a US city even. BUT, with technology being what it is, you can at least still closely follow the team where ever the play. Beauty, eh?