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Kurt Warner, thanks for the memories

Kurt Warner is retiring. The man who led the St. Louis Rams to glory, from zero to hero, is hanging up his cleats. And unlike some other quarterbacks who get more than their fare of media attention, I suspect Warner's pretty sincere about it. He's a had a great career that seemed like it was over more than once.

Two MVP awards, two trips to the Super Bowl and one ring...Warner's career with the Rams will be remembered as one of the greatest moments in the history of this storied franchise. When the Rams moved to St. Louis I was dubious, but I decided to become a fan of the team because I thought pro football had a place under the Arch. It wasn't exactly love at first sight. Then the Tony Banks era ended and things started looking up. I had my doubts that summer when Trent Green went down, but I haven't had any since then. Warner's not coming back, but the lesson is that the Rams franchise, no matter how low things seem to have sunk lately, is on the right track and things will turn around, soon. Warner is a good reminder of why a fan has to keep the faith.

His records with the team:

Single season pass yards leader: 4,830 yards in 2001

Single season TD passes: 41 TD in 1999

His stats with the Rams, from 1998 through 2003:
35-15 record, 14,447 yards, 102 TD, 65 INT, 66.4 completion percentage, 97.2 rating
His completion percentage and QB rating are the highest for any Rams QB with more than 50 games played.

Even when he was putting it to the Rams in a Cardinals uni, I still liked to watch the guy play ball.