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Random Ramsdom, 1/27: Bruuuce and a Senior Bowl update

There's lots going on today, so I'm getting a special afternoon edition of Random Ramsdom up for your reading pleasure. 

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Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo told the PD that he wants to speak with the Rams all-time leading receiver Isaac Bruce about the wide receiver coaching vacancy. I still think this would be a good move for the Rams, even if Bruce isn't the best candidate for the job, though I'm sure he'd be pretty damn good given his credentials.

One of the more interesting stories coming out of the Senior Bowl yesterday and today is the dramatic fall in USC safety Taylor Mays' draft stock. Once thought to be on par with Tennessee's Eric Berry, former Rams SS Corey Chavous and Mike Maycock were talking about Mays as a second rounder today. 

The more I read about Sean Weatherspoon, the more I hope he's available when the Rams pick to lead off the second round. With the hype he's garnering, that seems more and more unlikely. He was playing middle LB today. The Rams struggled against TEs  this year, and 'Spoons' coverage skills would be the only worry I have.

Two players that have raised their profile this week are Arkansas State DE Alex Carrington and Virginia CB Chris Cook. Cook is a big, physical guy who profiles nicely in Spags' press-first approach to coverage, and he seems to have good instincts for the ball as well. He picked off Tony Pike today. Carrington flat out beat Mike Iupati, who many are calling the best OL in the draft, this week, the only DL to accomplish that. Right now NFL Draft Scout calls Carrington a 4th round prospect, but that seems to be changing fast. 

Dave Syvertsen from New Era Scouting spoke highly of Oregon State QB Sean Canfield, dubbing his stock higher than Tony Pike or Dan Lefevour. Also, be sure to read his report about Iowa LB AJ E

Oh, draft time...when will you finally be here?