"For Pete's Sake!" Wednesday Edition


Hello everyone Pete here and I am going to do my best to write a weekly post about many of the REALLY COOL and red hot fanposts and controversial conversations going on RIGHT NOW on turfshowtimes. Yes I will mix in some other stuff from time to time too so I hope y'all like it.

PLEASE chime in on what you think... i'm all ears... positive, negative, whateva.

I am going to do this on Saturdays NORMALLY but since there are so many conversations going on already, I want to do a Wednesday edition and see how everyone likes this as well... so without further.. uh.. um.. err... you know what I mean :-)

1. Let's start with one of the hottest topics flying around TST right now... the draft. There are several scenarios that could happen.. yes, from trade rumors involving Brandon Marshall, to just taking Suh and getting it over with. The hottest post talking about this possibility is by VanRam who put up an interesting post on 1/25 talking about the Brandon Marshall possibility here.

His post and OUR comments seem to have brought a 'lil bit of turbulence from Bronco nation... read on and enjoy.

*From one Bronco Fan: WOW I just noticed most of you are Rams fans lol.

Maybe because this is turfshowtimes??? Hmmmm

I personally hope we DON'T trade for Marshall. As impressive as his past numbers are (thanks to all for enlightening me in that post) I just don't think I would take the chance on his past problems... especially coming to a young team in a rebuilding process... YIKES.

2. Another interesting FanPost came from revrue914 who wanted some insight on whether or not Spags was the right man for the job and can be read here.

Let me ask everyone... would TST be the same without edpjr?

*From Ed: I'm not 100% sold on Spagnuolo. But as Tackle pointed out once, the Cowhers and Shanahans of this world wouldn't even consider the STL train wreck.

My view? Spags was the right choice. Is Rex Ryan a good coach? I firmly believe he is, but as stated in that post, he inherited a MUCH better team than Spags did. I've said this before, and i'll say it once again; this draft will be the pillar of our team for the next 10 years... especially defensively... YES it's that important.

If we choke in this years draft, THEN i'll start feeling a bit differently about Spags. Let's give it some time.

3. VanRam posts yet another interesting thought... Do we REALLY need 2 project QB's on our roster? I happen to agree with Van here. We are in desperate need for a real leader. If we're not taking a QB first, how can we take a QB in later rounds to have him ride pine?

CoachConnors chimed in with a good point about maybe not giving up on Null and judging him too quickly... which can go both ways...

From CoachConnors: Calling Null a Career Backup is Just as Wrong as Calling Him a Future Pro Bowler

4. CaliRamMan placed an interesting FanPost on Chris Long based on a Mike Sando article. based on the stats he posted during the cardinals game, it's hard to disagree that he did come along quite well at the end of the season.

As usual, edpjr chimed in with his weekly reality check:

From Ed: Long definitely improved the last 4-5 games of 2009. But he's got a ways to go to prove he was worth the 2nd overall pick in the draft and all the $$$ he's being paid.

My opinion is Long has improved. BUT I think a lot of that improvement was based on the fact that he was playing back at his natural position as well (please correct me if i'm wrong).

Why does our team draft guys, and then put them in opposite unnatural positions (see Barron, J Smith, Carriker, Long).

I just DON'T get it....

I think drafting Suh will greatly improve Long's performance.. like Spags, let's see what happens after one more year (god doesn't that suck hearing that?).

That's about it for now, see you next Saturday.