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You Pick'Em Results and Tuesday Evening News, Tebow Style

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I can tell when people try and cheat the system. At first, it seems remarkable that you can not only guess the picks (you know who you are and just to let you know, you still got the Saints game wrong. They didn't cover the spread) but the correct scores as well, until you realize that the picks were put in on Monday night.

Like I've said before, I know when you submit your picks down to the second. Ain't technology great?

Anyway, moving onto the picks. I'm not going to put them up just yet because the Pro Bowl hasn't happened yet, but I can assure you most of you have at least one correct choice (the Saints-Vikings game was more mixed). A number of you had the score for that game reversed (quite a few actually...too bad!). When the Pro Bowl happens the full results will come up. In the mean time, here is what we have for this round so far: download the excel file here.

As far as news goes, I'm sure everyone (or at least some of us) have been keeping up on the Senior Bowl news. I'd like to highlight the play of someone quite a few people here like. That person is Tim Tebow. I'm not trying to say, "I told you so," (many others have said the same thing as well) but the facts don't lie. He's looked bad. Mocking the draft had this to say about him:

The crux of Tebow's problems are taking snaps from under center and dropping back. At one point, Spencer noted, Tebow fumbled three consecutive snaps in 7-on-7 drills. Tebow can be as nice as he wants, but that is unacceptable for an NFL quarterback.

I'm sure everyone is enthralled with his personality. He's a nice guy and a good leader. But the fact remains is that he is a very raw player. He doesn't have the mechanics or experience under center that an NFL QB must have. This isn't a Mike Vick situation where some people like him and some people don't think he's good enough; this is a situation where a player just isn't ready. For anyone who wants to spend more then a fourth round pick on him, imagine what would happen if he fumbled the ball three consecutive times. People would be clamoring for Kyle Boller. Pandemonium.

Do note, I'm not trying to say he will never be able to play. But with all the talk about value of picks, not drafting for need, etc., it seems silly that people are jumping for a player that simply needs to much work to be a starter right away. The Rams aren't in a position to just sit back and develop a QB and call it good. They need a much more extensive approach of doing things. The Rams may not be close to winning a lot of games, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try, which is exactly what they would be doing by irresponsibly picking Tebow with a high draft pick. If he falls, go for it. But don't rest your hopes and something that isn't a sure bet. He's a great college player and a nice guy, but after all, the NFL is a business.

Hope you are having a good Tuesday!