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Tuesday afternoon Senior Bowl roundup

Consider this your afternoon Senior Bowl thread as practices get well into their second day down in Mobile, AL. 

Walter Football has a lot of names from the North squad's practice today, including Tony Pike and Mizzou OLB Sean Weatherspoon, who is impressing observers with his second day of practice. 

Some cornerbacks, one position of need for the St. Louis Rams, showed some solid work today. Here's WF on Wake CB Brandon Ghee:

One player who really impressed me today was Wake Forest's Brandon Ghee. Clemson's Jacoby Ford is the fastest receiver here (sub 4.40 time) and Ghee was step for step with Ford on a go route and had a beautiful pass break-up.

I've read that he's considered a better prospect, better suited to the NFL game, than his former teammate CB Alphonso Smith, who the Broncos drafted in the second round last year. While this may not be the year for corners in the draft that it has been in recent seasons, there do also seem to be some nice potential middle round guys...think Bradley Fletcher

Yesterday's MVP, Boise State corner Kyle Wilson, has really stepped up to the plate this week. He is turning and running with receivers, and is very physical with his jam at the line of scrimmage. I have a hard time seeing him go in the first round, but he's solidifying a second-round grade this week. 

Mike Maycock of the NFL Network has been a big Wilson supporter too. I'm anxious to hear more about Alabama's Javier Arenas, who may not be a game changer at the pro level, but is a guy who I think could be an important addition. Iowa's Amari Spievey is another guy I'm watching, though he's not playing this week, because he just finished his junior season.

Mocking the Draft reports that Mizzou WR Denario Alexander has had the best hands of the day.

ESPN is reporting that Tim Tebow has a case of strep throat...but will practice anyway. Hmmm....