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Random Ramsdom, 1/26: Senior Bowl notes

Do you think the Colt and the Saints are looking back this week and thinking about their games with the St. Louis Rams from this season? Probably. We've got notes from the Senior Bowl and a head-scratcher of a firing at Rams Park, all of that in today's Random Ramsdom. 

Long-time Rams trainer can't explain his firing
It's not about the injuries, said Devaney and Spagnuolo. The guys who install the turf are looking over their shoulders.

LSU WR Brandon LaFell drops out of the Senior Bowl
This is kind of a surprise for a guy who could have player, er, practiced his way into first round talk. Also, Tim Tebow struggled during the first day of the week as did Cincy WR Mardy Gilyard.

WR Taylor Price shines at Senior Bowl practice
More from the Senior Bowl.

Tony Pike making ugly throws
Pike did not throw the ball well yesterday. The key thing to remember, according to this report form Walter Football, is not to put too much stock in the first day of practice at the Senior Bowl.

Practice notes from the South squad
A couple names of note from the South squad: Florida State S Myron Rolle, 'Bama CB Javier Arenas and QB Zac Robinson.