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Random Ramsdom, 1/17: Other people's news

It's all quiet on the St. Louis Rams front. Big change from this time last year when we had front office changes to talk about and coaching changes to speculate about. With the playoffs on, it's nothing but other people's news today...


Indy Shuts Down Baltimore, 20-3
Another team gets their ticket for the conference championship

 Saints Top Cardinals, 45-14
Kurt Warner didn't get to play every snap of what could be his final NFL game. We saw what the NFC West looks like without him.

Warner expects to make a quick decision on retirement
Let the Matt Leinart era begin!

Boldin says he won't request a trade
Not that it was a realistic possibility for the Rams anyway.

2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jevan Snead
Check out who this scouting report compares him to. I'm not arguing against a second round (or later) QB, but who would that be?