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Is Michael Vick a fit for the Rams offense?

Michael Vick to the St. Louis Rams talk is heating up again. It's pretty logical to connect the former Falcon and likely soon-to-be former Eagle to the Rams given their needs and connections between the front office (Devaney to the Falcons and Spagnuolo and Shurmur to the Eagles) and Vick's teams. The Post-Dispatch has a story today covering that ground, noting that the Rams or any team can talk publicly about their interest in Vick since he's still under contract.

This report from the standards-less Bleacher Report jumps right in with the trade talk, even though there has been no trade talk, before paraphrasing the rest of the PD article. So, just to reiterate, there has been no trade talk, that we know of, focused on Michael Vick and the Rams. That's probably just one option the front office will explore. As a matter of fact, the latest from ESPN's Len Pasquarelli says that he's likely to work out a release from the Eagles before March 5.

We'll save a discussion of what the Rams offense would look like with Vick at QB for another post. For now, I have another thought about bringing in Vick to run the offense. At 30-years-old Vick would probably be nothing more than a temporary solution, a guy to keep the seat warm while Devaney and Spagnuolo groom a young QB they find in an upcoming draft or maybe a guy buried behind an incumbent starter right now. The thing I wonder about that, is how the transition or even the need to start another QB should Vick get injured works when that time inevitably comes. Is Vick such a unique player that bringing in a pocket QB, a more typical West Coast kind of player, that it would make the transition difficult?

Personally, I'm betting that the Rams don't bring here Vick for those reasons. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is well versed with the Philadelphia offensive system, one that he would like to emulate in St. Louis. For as much talent as he possesses, Vick doesn't fit as a starting QB in a system that demands accuracy above all else from its passer. and the Rams have been putting together the pieces for that system. Now, they might be interested in Vick as a role player, but that doesn't square with Vick's desire to be a starting QB again. Remember, the wild cat is just one play, not an entire offense.