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Five Free Agents the Rams could target

With the draft fast approaching, everyone seems to be buzzing about Ndamukong Suh (including myself). But as edpjr has pointed out, their is also a large amount of RFA/UFA's that could be hitting the market in the free agency.

Compiled below is a quick list of free agents that the Rams could target. I have no idea what will happen if the league converts to a no-cap, everyone-is-an-RFA type system, so for simplicities sake, I'm leaving that mess out. These players aren't in any order.

1) Jerious Norwood, RB, Atlanta Falcons

Grand Poobah Devaney (hopefully) knows Norwood's capabilities from his stint in Atlanta from 2006 to 2008, where Norwood enjoyed his best years. Jerious looks to be on the way out especially with Jason Snelling carrying the ball so well. He's a quick, change of pace back to Steven Jackson. There is no doubt that Rams need a second back, because Steven simply won't be able to take as much punishment as he received in 2009 much longer. He's everything the Rams would like in a second runningback; he's quick, has the ability to catch passes, has a good career YPC average (5.3 yards off of 373 attempts) and most importantly, will come rather mildly priced.

2) Tony Scheffler, TE, Denver Broncos

One McGenious' trash is another man's treasure, as the saying goes. Scheff is a young, pass-catching tight end with soft enough hands to help whoever might be the quarterback next season. He was put on the scout squad by McDaniels for being a big meanie to the coach, and much like Brandon Marshall, may be on his way out of Denver. He would be a more expensive option, but most likely wouldn't break the bank, which is something that most of the Rams free agent acquisitions this year will most likely have in common.

3) Aaron Kampman, DE, Green Bay Packers

Luckily for the Rams, Kampman has struggled of late switching to Don Caper's 3-4 scheme. He has seemed somewhat out of place as an OLB and probably would fit best if he returned to a 4-3 DE. He had an injury this year and Brad Jones did well enough as his replacement that the Packers probably won't keep Kampman around. He's still only one year removed from a 9.5 sack season, and just turned 30 a few months ago. He's a bit on the older side for the Rams, but should have plenty in the tank for a mid-length contract. Like Scheffler, he could be a bit more expensive, but the Rams are desperate for front seven help and will most likely be willing to pay quite a bit for improving it.

4) Jason Campbell, QB, Washington Redskins

Hold the phone- I just pulled a Van. This idea has met a lot of opposition, but quite frankly, you're not going to find an All-Pro, young, franchise, cheap quarterback on the market. There's been a lot of talk here about Kevin Kolb, but quite frankly, the Eagles aren't going to let him go, especially with only one year remaining on aging Donovan McNabb's contract. If the Rams are looking for something more long term, they'll either need to look in the draft or try for a QB like Campbell. Statistically, every year he has improved. His stats aren't anything to brag about, but hated OC Pat Shurmur was indeed a QB coach before coming to the Rams. Not only that, but with a few pieces available, the Rams could create a nice support system for him. He'd be a good, inexpensive pickup for the Rams should they look for another QB.

5) Donald Penn, OT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Penn is a young, talented tackle. He currently plays LT, but could probably make the transition should it be required of him. He'd most likely be a cheaper option only because of his lack of fitness. Reports came out that he tipped the scales at a Free Willy-esque 360 pounds, which is huge. Spagnuolo has had mixed success in helping offensive lineman throughout the course of the season, but a little Spagalosophy could go a long way in helping out a player condition himself. Depending on what Tampa wants to do, he may be resigned, but he'd be a great pickup should he become available.

Wilcard: Richard Marshall, CB, Carolina Panthers

Marshall is a young, physical CB from Carolina, and DC Ken Flajole would most likely have some sway in helping the Rams cause. He's on the small side, but unlike Tye Hill, he's actually put up stats. He's not the most insane ball-hawk you've ever seen, but he's picked up some nice turnover numbers in addition to his clockwork 80 or so tackles a season. The Panthers would be stupid to let him go, but should they do, the Rams would be wise to to take a look at him.