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The week in fanposts

The offseason is off to a rousing start. How could it not be? If you're a St. Louis Rams fan it's kind of become you're raison d'etre. Anyway, we've had some top notch fan posts at TST lately, and I wanted to make sure to bring them to your attention.

Check out this fan shot from VTramsFan about Suh struggling against bigger guards in the NFL and his place on a DL.

Time For a Spread They Can't Cover
dbcouver says to bring back The Show.

Top 20 Free Agents for 2010
edpjr has the rundown on the the top 20 free agents according to

1-15 Will Be a Blessing For the Future (Part 1)
AmpLee returns!

Who Has The Youngest Team In The NFL?
How the Rams could be getting even younger this season.