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Rams team needs

We'll be delving neck deep into this as the offseason moves along, but Mocking the Draft has their look at the St. Louis Rams team needs.

It's always interesting to look at how  those who don't live and breath Rams look at the team compared to those of us around here who've picked apart every inch of the roster and suffered through 16 games of the 2009 season. MTD has the Rams' top three needs as:

  1. Quarterback
  2. Cornerback
  3. Wide receiver

That's a little different than lots of the discussion around here, where defensive line, particularly defensive tackle, has been though of as one of the team's top needs.They make the point about CB as a need (which it is) as something that could stimulate the pass rush up front. While that would certainly help, I still think the biggest problem with the pass rush is the lack of talent up front. Remember, we had street free agents starting among the front four at various times this season. Guys like C.J. Ah You, LaJuan Ramsey and Gary Gibson may all be useful players, but are they really starting material? 

I'm really starting to believe that QB is our biggest team need, but I think there are several means of addressing that need worthy of debate.

Obviously the Rams have lots of needs, making a list like this even harder to put together. Here's how my top three needs would go:

  1. QB
  2. DT
  3. WR

How does your needs list go?