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Random Ramsdom: Jan. 11th, 2010

The wildcard round is over! What a game the Cards vs. Packers was! As far as You Pick'Em is concerned, here are the top players for this weekend (understand that the weekends do accumulate, so even if you did bad this weekend, you can still come back and win it all!):

Against the Spread:

1st: RamFanMike (4 out of 4) - the only person to correctly guess all four, I might add.

2nd-t:  RaptorsHQ - (3 out of 4)

2nd-t: Shostag - (3 out of 4)


1st: moy (3 out of 4)

2nd-t: ramsrule (3 out of 4)

2nd-t: JBaccSTL (3 out of 4)

Keep up the good work, there are plenty of people with two and three wins who are right behind them. Onto the links:

  • Jim Thomas looks back on the promising play of the special teams unit. Big props also have to go to Billy Devaney for snagging Danny Amendola away from the one-and-done Eagles.
  • Curious to see who the Rams should keep for the 2010 offensive line? Head over to Ramsgab where Jeff breakdown each position player by player. Click here for tackles, here for guards, and here for centers.
  • Sports Illustrated has a look back at this crazy wildcard weekend, in case you missed any games.

It's a light day for news, especially when it's playoff season and your team finished 1-15. Don't fret, the draft is a mere 3 months away.

Enjoy Monday everyone!