Time For a Spread They Can't Cover

         The Show must go on!!!

        I just had a great time watching the Cardinals beat the Packers, and fondly remembering our past glory, I've decided I don't endorse the running game like we use.  I don't know why it took me this long to realize this, but it was more fun watching the GSOT than any other football I've ever watched.  I know winning made it enjoyable but if I was a Packers fan tonite, I would have felt good about the level of play of the offense.  The running game has it's qualities, clock control etc., but I'm ready for some entertaining football again.  I want us to be feared and revered like we once were. 

        Steven Jackson notwithstanding, we have really nothing to lose by starting right now in my opinion.  We don't have an offensive player whom cannot be utilized in the spread, at least one worth keeping.  You want a QB who can manage the game?  Well there are 3-6 good ones coming out every year, lately that come from spreads, and that number will only increase with its future success in the college ranks.  The spread is coming and the only question remains:  When are we gonna get on the bus?

        I think it's good that we have Spagnuolo as a coach.  I think his defensive mind is worth keeping.  I can't feel good though about the direction our offense is headed and it's not just our injury situation.  It's our style.  We don't have any.  And when the injuries reduce to normal levels, and they will, we still won't have any.  Other than the Ravens, or 85 Bears, I can't think of a Superbowl championship team that won without an enjoyable offensive show.  I'm sure there were but my point is made, What do you guys think?