1-15 Will Be a Blessing For the Future (Part 1)

As the Rams have been sucking for the last 5 to 4 1/2 years or so, I feel like a vampire fan. What's a vampire fan, you ask? A vampire fan is one who gets more interested and excited about your home team in the OFF-season. Hence the day-night/ in-season. off-season analogy. I know...this last line seems way too Burwell-ian, but bear with me.

I used to post quite a bit about 3 years ago starting with that fucking miserable 2006 draft and it damn near killed me. I had to go away and hide under a porch like a dying animal. But now, of all times to be back, I am. I happen to be in the camp that the Rams could only be 2 seasons away from playoff potential. Seasons like these are essential for front offices (who know what they are doing) to build very solid teams. Let's face it. The main goal is winning the Super Bowl. No matter what, that wasn't going to happen this year. That's why i feel that, for a rebuilding franchise and new head coach, going 1-15 is sooooooo much more beneficial than going 7-9 or 8-8 and missing the playoffs. With a 1-15 team, the answers are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. 8-8? Not so much. Just ask that Scott Lameasshan.

Every fan who gritted through this season can tell you immediately which pieces will work going forward and which ones won't. Example: Craig Dahl or Danny Gorrer? Guys like Dahl, Chaimberlan, Fells, Amendola, D. Scott, B. Fletcher, Q. Butler, Justin King, and Brandon Gibson, to name a few, are FREAKIN' SWEET third and fourth string/ special teams guys for contending teams. Those guys are usually the hardest to assess and find when you are in the middle of the road. When you are 1-15, you build on top of them and you start making things happen. These guys hustled their asses off in the middle of hell and made a few nice plays along the way. It only goes up from here with them. These are the guys in a 1-15 season that make it easier for coaches and GMs alike to start taking solid strokes in free agency and the draft.

For instance, who thought we needed about 3 or 4 WRs when the season began? (I am raising my hand, as well.) Do you know how many we need now? One. Albeit a #1 WR which aren't always easy to acquire, but still, we need only ONE. That's it. #1 WR (future guy), #2 WR (Gibson, L. Robinson), #3 Slot (Avery), and #4 possession/extra (Burton, Amendola). Tight ends? One. Albeit a #1 TE but we have a solid core of Fells and Bajema. Still. One. DBs? I don't know. If we could shore up the D-line and LBs, I wouldn't cry all that much with the secondary we already have. Think about it. Those guys back there had the worst jobs in the NFL and they still did, at least, average. I'd like to think that ANY help from the pass rush next year would make their jobs a lot easier.

Well, Amp, therein lies the problem, you say. LBs and DLs. Here is where Spags is going to make his money. Year 2 will be a big test for Steve to re-stock his front seven with three or four starter-caliber players. I do, however, trust that he can given that the front 7 is Spag's area of expertise. i have formulas abound for other positions and the draft and I will get to them in future posts. Here's a little something to chew on for the near term. Please respond because i am very interested to see your opinions.