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Scouting the bowls, pt. 4 / Jan. 1st CFB open thread

I'm gonna have to keep this one short and to the point, so please excuse the low-quality.  At least the info's there which should give everyone fodder to get me back in about a year for hyping up busts-to-be.  I will try to update it in time for the remaining games today.

Northwestern v. Auburn

Outback Bowl (Tampa, FL), 11:00pm EST, ESPN

PREDICTIONNorthwestern 13 - Auburn 34

Northwestern: Corey Wooton, DE (2nd-4th), Michael Kafka, QB (6th-undrafted)

Auburn: Antonio Coleman, OLB (3rd-5th), Ben Tate, RB (5th-undrafted)

Penn St. v. LSU

Capital One Bowl (Orlando, FL), 1:00pm EST, ABC

PREDICTION: Penn St. 13 - LSU 14

Penn St.: Navorro Bowman, OLB (1st-2nd), Jared Odrick, DT (1st-2nd), Sean Lee, LB (2nd-3rd), Daryll Clark, QB (4th-6th)

LSU: Brandon LaFell, WR (1st-2nd), Chad Jones, S (1st-2nd), Al Woods, DT (3rd-5th), Ciron Black (3rd-4th), Charles Scott, RB (4th-6th), Rahim Alem, DE (4th-5th), Perry Riley (5th-7th), Richard Dickson, TE (6th-undrafted)